Car loan calculator

The car loan calculator works in the same way as an ordinary loan calculator. The only difference is that it also calculates the loan you require by deducting the deposit amount from the price of the car to make it a little easier to use. The calculator works out the monthly payments and total interest payable on a car loan from the car price, deposit, term and APR.

Luxury Car Loans

Finance rates can be more favourable for prestige brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Porsche where the particular car has a lower depreciation rate and the loan is secured by the asset value of the vehicle or where the value of the car at the end of the loan term is a consideration of the finance package. As a general rule larger borrowings are offered as reduced interest rates too. Do shop around for better deals on luxury cars even if you think you have a good deal. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Free Car Loan Calculator

If you would like a free car loan calculator on your web site go to free car loan calculator widget.

Do I really need a car loan?

Before you look at the various car finance options, it's worth checking the options to reduce your loan. Read do I need a car loan for some practical alternatives.

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Updated on 31st October, 2016

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